Saturday, May 7, 2011

On Mothers.

I just read an article by writer Nicholas Kristof ( ) that talks about women dying in Somalia due to lack of contraception and prenatal care.  I went through a somewhat harrowing (at least for me) birth experience with my first child that ended up in emergency c-section.  My surgeon literally said to me "you are one of those mother's who would have died without modern medicine."  So this issue hits me particularly close to home.  Thinking that had I had the-- misfortune, I supposed you call it, to have been born in a remote part of the world, I probably wouldn't be here now, and neither would my children.

That I live in a day and age where this is still happening is a bit strange to me.  I have  so many comforts, just tonight I was working on getting a nanny/housekeeper hired, that I find it almost embarrassing what I complain about when I read about the harsh realities of what these women/children are living through.

So in honor of my mother, my children and just women in general, I made a donation to the Friends of Edna (cite listed in the article linked above) which is a maternity/ teaching hospital in Somalia.  I hope that anyone reading this will consider giving as well.

My baby is crying, so I guess that is all for now.  I'm just happy to have the opportunity to be able to be here and take care of her.  Please give to those who don't.

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